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One of the most important safety devices in any San Francisco home is a fire alarm. These San Francisco fire alarms could save your life and can also help save your home if there is a fire. Fire alarms have saved thousands of lives. They were first introduced to the public in the 1970s, and since then, they have been better designed.

When planning to install fire alarms, you need to take some points into consideration. First, the size of the home is an important factor. Generally, alarms should be installed near sleeping areas. The number of alarms you will need depends on how many bedrooms are in the house. However, if a door is closed, the smoke may not reach the alarm to activate it. It you commonly sleep with the door closed, it is best to install a fire alarm in each bedroom.

Fire alarms should not be installed in kitchens or garages. The fumes from your vehicle can activate the alarm in the garage. Heat sources from cooking will also set the alarm off. It is best to place the alarm in the room adjacent to the kitchen and garage.

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Why San Francisco Should Hire Us For Their Fire Alarm Needs

Our fire alarm contractor puts the extra attention to detail required to guarantee that the project is completed with unsurpassed quality. Our professionals have years of experience in the electrical field. This experience allows us to complete our projects on time and with unmatched quality.

All of the professionals at Brookline Electric start every fire alarm project with the goal of providing an enjoyable experience for the homeowner. Our fire alarm contractor will be very respectful of you and your home throughout the project. Call on Brookline Electric today to find out why countless other San Francisco homeowners have choose us for their fire alarm installations.

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