3 Common Signs That Your Home Is In Need Of Professional Electric Repairs

When it comes to important systems in your home, your electrical system ranks right up there at the top of the list. Whether you realize it or not, your electrical system plays a vital role in you and your family’s daily lives. In fact, it can be difficult to think of a single aspect of […]

How To Find A San Francisco Residential Electrician You Can Trust

Whether you choose our company of professional Residential Electricians for your San Francisco home or not, be sure you find one to take care of your electrical service needs that has a great education with a lot of experience and the right local reputation. When you own a home, you’re responsible for all the repairs […]

Pacific Heights Commercial Electrical Repairs – Hiring a Contractor

As far as some people are concerned, the most important repairs are done in commercial places. This is because commercial institutions are what keeps the business world running. The ‘inviting’ aura of commercial areas should be maintained if these places that exist for profit are to tend to their customers in the best possible way. […]

Why Electrical Repairs should always be done by San Francisco Professionals

According to experts, households, businesses, and building operators should always opt to hire professional and licensed electricians for  San Francisco electrical repairs. Repairing faulty electrical wirings and other electrical damages should be left to the professionals. This is to make sure everything would be done properly and efficiently. There are logical reasons why such repairs should […]

Brookline Electric Co. Panel Upgrades provide Safety and Peace of Mind

There was a time when the primary energy-consuming electrical appliances in the house were the lights, the TV, the refrigerator and the heater for those cold winter nights. Unfortunately, that was a thing of the past – today, the electric-powered appliances and electronics your San Francisco house could be more than the number of your […]

We Love Old Houses

Rewiring old houses and fixing them up or renovating old houses to provide more power, better lighting and more convenience is something we love doing. If you have a fairly good-sized project, one of my other specialties is computing a contract in the form of a list where each item has its own price.  This […]

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